Suffering a serious laceration injury can happen in an instant but leave effects that last a lifetime. Deep cuts that damage nerves, muscles, and tendons often require emergency surgery and extensive rehabilitation and result in permanent scarring. The physical and emotional trauma of these injuries takes an immense toll.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious laceration injury due to another party’s negligence, you need strong legal advocates on your side. At Pasternack Injury Law Group, our attorneys have helped numerous laceration injury victims in the San Diego area recover the compensation they rightfully deserve. We understand the hardships these traumatic injuries cause, and our team will fight for you, handling every aspect so you can focus your energy on healing. Contact us today for dedicated legal representation.

What is a Severe Laceration Injury?

Lacerations are wounds where the skin and underlying tissues are torn, cut, or punctured. Minor lacerations only involve the top layers of skin and can be treated with basic first aid. More moderate lacerations cut deeper and typically require stitches for proper healing.

Severe lacerations are on another level. They slice far below the skin surface, damaging fat, muscles, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels. These traumatic deep cuts often lead to dangerous blood loss and expose internal tissues to potential infection. Victims of severe lacerations usually need emergency care, surgery, and extensive recovery time. Even after treatment, permanent issues like nerve damage, loss of function, and scarring can remain.

At our law firm, we understand how devastating and life-altering severe laceration injuries can be. We dedicate ourselves to helping victims move forward and regain their quality of life as much as medically possible. Our legal team advocates tirelessly so clients can get the compensation they deserve to cover treatment costs and other damages. With compassion and tenacity, we fight for justice.

Common Causes of Severe Laceration Injuries

Severe lacerations generally arise from major accidents and negligence. Common causes we see in personal injury claims include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – Shattered glass and torn metal in car accidents often cause deep cuts and gashes. Airbag deployments also frequently lead to facial, arm, and hand lacerations. As San Diego traffic continues to rise, severe laceration injuries from auto collisions remain prevalent.
  • Defective Products – Faulty machinery, tools, and consumer goods can lead to serious lacerations. We have seen clients suffer deep cuts from malfunctioning power tools, office equipment, exercise gear, and more. Under product liability laws, companies must pay for injuries caused by defective products.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents – Wet floors, uneven surfaces, and poor lighting often contribute to major falls. Attempting to break the fall frequently leads to deep cuts on the arms and legs. Severe facial lacerations also occur when victims hit their heads on floors and furniture. Property owners are required to properly maintain their premises to avoid these accidents.
  • Animal Bites – Dog bites, in particular, can cause severe ripping and tearing of tissue. Lacerations from large, aggressive dog breeds often penetrate to the bone, damaging nerves, tendons, and muscles. California has strict liability laws for animal owners whose pets cause injuries.
  • Violent Crimes – Attacks involving a deadly weapon result in some of the worst lacerations we see. Knives, broken glass, and other weapons used in muggings, rapes, and other attacks can leave permanent physical and emotional scars.

Our knowledgeable laceration injury attorneys have helped many laceration injury victims recover deserved compensation through personal injury claims. We handle the legal process so clients can focus on healing.

Diagnosing Severe Laceration Injuries

If you suffer a serious laceration in an accident, you can expect your medical providers to thoroughly diagnose the full extent of the injury. They will likely conduct a hands-on physical exam of the wound itself and take a detailed medical history to understand any factors that could impact healing. You will probably undergo imaging tests like X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs as well so they can evaluate any underlying damage to tissues, nerves, blood vessels, and bones.

Your doctors will also test nerve function in the injured area and closely monitor for signs of infection like redness and swelling. To fully determine the severity of muscle, tendon, and nerve damage, they may need to perform more extensive surgical exams once you are under anesthesia. This enables them to directly see everything that needs repair.

The medical team essentially does everything possible to diagnose the complete severity of your laceration. This allows them to provide you with the best treatment for the most optimal recovery. Our personal injury lawyers then leverage these comprehensive records of your injury to fight for maximum compensation in your personal injury claim. A detailed diagnosis is crucial both for your treatment and for obtaining fair financial recovery.

Compensation for Severe Laceration Injuries

Severe laceration victims face significant financial burdens from medical costs, lost wages, and impacted quality of life. They deserve compensation for these damages caused by someone else’s negligence.

Common remedies our attorneys pursue include:

  • Medical Expenses – We seek compensation for all medical costs related to the injury – emergency care, hospital and clinic fees, surgery, physical therapy, counseling, and prescription medications. These expenses quickly become substantial with severe wounds.
  • Lost Income – If injuries prevent victims from working, compensation for lost wages is owed. Missed promotions, job loss, and harm to future earning potential are also accounted for.
  • Pain and Suffering – No dollar amount can erase your pain, but financial compensation recognizes the physical and emotional trauma suffered. The more severe and permanent the injury, the higher the damages.
  • Disfigurement/Scarring – Severe lacerations often leave significant scarring and disfigurement. Compensation considers the psychological impacts and cosmetic changes that affect victims’ lives.

Pursuing rightful compensation is extremely difficult alone when coping with a major injury. Our dedicated severe laceration lawyers handle the entire legal process so clients can recover, heal, and get back on their feet.

Seeking Legal Representation

At Pasternack Injury Law Group, our San Diego personal injury attorneys have spent years handling these types of cases for local victims. We know how to establish liability by proving our clients’ injuries were directly caused by the negligent actions of others. Our legal team thoroughly documents all damages utilizing medical records, testimony, and other evidence.

We are tenacious negotiators who will not settle for the lowball offers typically made by insurance companies. Leveraging our deep knowledge of San Diego courts and judges, we have a proven track record of securing maximum compensation for injury victims.

With our lawyers handling every aspect of your claim, you can concentrate fully on your recovery. Trust our decades of experience to get you the fair financial recovery you deserve.

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