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The hit-and-run accident attorneys at Pasternack Injury Law Group have years of experience securing justice for injured victims in SD and surrounding areas. Our personal injury lawyers conduct thorough investigations to identify fleeing drivers.

We then leverage our negotiation skills to make insurance companies pay top dollar for your injuries, lost wages, car repairs, and other damages. Hit-and-run crashes can cause traumatic injuries, from broken bones to head trauma. You deserve full compensation, and we won’t rest until you get it.

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Common Causes of Hit and Run Accidents

Hit-and-run crashes stem from negligent, reckless, and even criminal behavior. Some common causes our attorneys see include:

  • Drunk or impaired driving – Intoxicated drivers often panic and flee after crashing to avoid DUI charges. In California, a hit and run with injuries constitutes a felony offense if alcohol or drugs are involved.
  • Distracted driving – Drivers focused on their phones, dashboard touchscreens, or passengers divert their attention and cause horrific collisions. Rather than taking responsibility, some leave the scene out of shock or fear.
  • Lack of insurance – Uninsured or underinsured motorists may run to dodge penalties for driving without coverage as required by California law.
    Intentional acts – In rare cases, hit and runs result from violent crimes and intentional assaults with a vehicle.

No matter the cause, make no mistake – fleeing the scene of an injury accident is against the law. When drivers evade accountability, they heap the consequences unfairly upon innocent victims.

Types of Injuries From Hit-and-Run Accidents

Hit-and-run crashes often cause severe trauma, given the negligent circumstances and force of impact. Some common injuries include:

  • Minor cuts, bruises, sprains – Even fender benders can lead to minor injuries requiring some medical treatment.
  • Broken bones – Victims frequently suffer fractures to the arms, legs, wrists, and ankles during the collision.
  • Spinal cord injuries – Victims can suffer traumatic paralysis or loss of sensation if the spinal cord itself is bruised, lacerated, or severed due to the jolt of the collision.
  • Traumatic brain injuries – Impact with the steering wheel, side door, or windshield can lead to a TBI.
  • Internal organ damage – Blunt force trauma can rupture or lacerate organs like the liver, kidneys, and spleen.
  • Permanent disabilities – Severe orthopedic damage may disrupt mobility long term, while brain damage can impair cognition, speech, and senses.
  • Wrongful death – In the gravest cases, victims sustain fatal wounds no one should have to bear.

Getting checked over by EMTs or an ER doctor after any accident is crucial. Symptoms of some injuries like internal bleeding or concussions have delayed onset but require urgent care if left untreated. Be sure to document all crash injuries, no matter how minor they first appear.

Seeking Compensation for Hit and Run Accidents

The financial toll from a hit and run can be immense between car repairs, medical bills, and lost wages from injuries. Under California law, victims can recover various damages:

  • Medical expenses – All past and future costs of hospitalization, surgery, therapy, medication, assistive devices, and in-home care.
  • Lost income – Any wages lost due to missing work during recovery.
  • Loss of future earning capacity – If disabilities permanently reduce earning ability.
  • Property damage – Repairs or replacement cost for your vehicle.
  • Pain and suffering – Compensation for any physical discomfort, mental anguish, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or reduced quality of life.

The challenge lies in proving another party’s fault without having the at-fault driver identified. A skilled hit-and-run accident attorney will thoroughly investigate the scene of the accident, seek out video footage, identify paint marks or car parts left behind, obtain witness statements, and recreate the sequence of events. In some cases, we can identify the at-fault driver through partial license plates or vehicle descriptions.

We also examine avenues like your uninsured motorist coverage to see if those benefits apply. In California, uninsured motorist coverage can provide vital compensation when the driver who hit you lacks sufficient insurance or cannot be identified.

Why Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Some people question if hiring an attorney is really necessary after a collision. In hit-and-run cases, having legal representation is crucial. As your advocates, we handle the entire claims process for you so you can focus on recovery. Key benefits include:

  • Navigating insurance claims – Few people realize how easily insurers can distort details to deny or minimize payouts. We compel them to fully honor the policy terms.
  • Proving liability – Without the other driver present, liability disputes often arise. Our car accident lawyers prove your case so you don’t get blamed for the accident.
  • Negotiating your best settlement – We employ proven strategies to maximize your compensation, applying our deep knowledge of injury law.
  • Leveling the playing field – By yourself, you have little power against big insurance law firms. We bring our substantial resources to bear for you.
  • Saving you stress – Our legal team handles the insurers, investigators, paperwork, and negotiations so you avoid hassles.
  • Getting you more money – On average, clients with a personal injury lawyer recover higher settlements than unrepresented victims.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a San Diego hit and run, you already have enough to cope with physically and emotionally. Don’t take on the insurance companies alone. With over 35 years of securing justice for injury victims, our attorneys have the resolve and know-how to get you maximum compensation.

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